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Q I have some difficulty placing a card on the board without moving the other cards. Do you have any advice?

A It just takes a little practice. After a few games, you will have no trouble placing your cards. A tip: Avoid putting pressure on the card. It is better to drop the card instead of depositing it.

Q I heard about a 5th clan. How can I get it?

A The clan of the dark lands has been printed in 40 copies and is exclusive to some contributors of the fundraising campaign. It allows to make 5-player games. This deck is not for sale in stores.
Clan of the dark lands uses grey wolves as fighting beasts.
Clan of the dark lands
Worshipped Wild Beast : Grey Wolf
Weapon : Long Sword

Q Should I wait until the end of the game before playing a castle?

A Waiting for all the territories to be formed will allow you to play your castle at the most profitable place. On the other hand, if you wait too much, it is possible for an opposing castle to take your place. The items on your card will no longer match the items on the board and you will not be able to place your castle in the desired location. Playing your castle before or after your opponents is part of the game strategy

Q Is it true that a castle can overlay another castle?

A Yes, according to the items table, this is the only advanced item that can defeat its similar.
A castle can overlay another castle.

Q Can I build a second village even if I do not have a castle yet?

A Yes, you don't need to have a full set of advanced items before starting a new series. The only requirement you need for building a second village is that your lands produce 2 wheat resources, 2 wood resources and 2 gold resources.

Q It's a good thing that I can discard a card at the beginning of my turn. But what happens if I run out of cards?

A Although it is technically possible to spend all the card of your deck, this situation should never happen. To do so, you would have to throw a card at every turn and this is obviously not a good strategy. However, if you run low in cards, you can use the Clan Gathering special move. You can actually perform this action at any of your turns. As you start your turn, gather all your cards that are not on the board (your hand, your deck, your discarded cards), shuffle them and draw 5 new cards. Your turn is immediatly over and you have to discard a Chieftain token.

Q I'm at the beginning of the game and I only pick advanced items. I just can't play. What can I do?

A Mainland is a strategic game. However, the order of the cards in your deck is the result of chance. Having too many advanced items at the top of your stack is definitely a disadvantage. If you can't play, remember that it is always possible to swap a card at the beginning of your turn. You will unfortunately have to sacrifice an advanced item, hopefully this will allow you to pick a resource. You can also use the Clan Gathering special move (see previous point) so you will get 5 new cards.

Q I have to discard an advanced item. Should I throw a village or an item that is not useful to me immediately, such as a rider?

A This is part of your strategy. Remember: the more advanced an item is, the stronger it is and, therefore, the rarer it is. For example, for each player, there are 7 villages, 4 riders and 2 castles. Throwing a card will necessarily force you to make some heartbreaking choices. But remember that you can always try to recover the discarded cards using the Clan Gathering special move.

Q Is the temple an advanced item?

A No. You don’t need any requirement to build a temple. The temple is a sacred place and it can’t be destroyed easily. Only Riders and Castles can beat the temple. Play this card wisely and use it to protect your resources and your Mainland from the invaders.
The temple is a sacred place and it can’t be destroyed easily.

Q I would like to have a strong and unbroken mainland. What is the best way to achieve this?

A Mainland is a highly strategic game. While playing, you will discover several tricks that will help you to improve yourself and to develop your own strategy. There are many paths to victory. It's up to you to find out all the little secrets of the game. Good luck!

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